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Liuzhou’s Red Light District

A totally unrelated picture posted to Flickr today by fellow Liuzhou blogger and photographer, Expatriate Games reminded me of this. A few weeks ago, I found myself in an unaccustomed part of the city. It’s not far from my usual haunts, but involves crossing the river, not something I do very often (it’s a living […]

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Vietnamese Invaders

China has been invaded by Vietnam – across the Guangxi border – and a contingent of 700 invaders has reached Liuzhou! As part of the ceremonies to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries, over 3,000 Vietnamese “youths” are visiting China for a five day cultural exchange visit. They have split up […]

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No Comment

I’ve had a couple of amusing (flag:irony) days deleting irrelevant, idiotic, dishonest and personal comments on my last entry, wén míng: civilisation, culture. All the usual suspects came forward – the negative pessimists who hate China, and Liuzhou in particular, so much that they assiduously follow every word on this blog. Not that they seem […]

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wén míng: civilisation, culture

文明 wén míng: civilisation, culture Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? I came across this tragic sight at 5pm yesterday evening. Where are all the people? This time last week -any 5pm for the past twenty years and more, there were hundreds of people. And not only at 5 pm – all day and […]

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Though Laws Were Carved in Marble They Would Not Shelter Men

Before getting to the meat of this entry I have to clarify something. For highly sensible historical and etymological reasons British English refers to the strips of land on either side of the road which are intended for pedestrian traffic as opposed to vehicular as “the pavement”. For equally sensible reasons, those of an American […]

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Ducks Down the Alley Way

Late last night, I was finishing off some work I had to do. As I sat at the computer, as it approached midnight, I was serenaded by a chorus of ducks, madly quacking in the night. Hold on a minute! What is going on? I live in the centre of the city. I only occasionally […]

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Our Daily Bread

Many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese – toasted, mostly” This is a request for information. I spent part of the weekend rewriting the page on my website which deals with the availability of western food in Liuzhou. You can see it here. I think I've covered the most significant places in the city […]

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Fake Mourning

In common with newspapers all over the country, the local rag today is published in black and white (nearly) to report yesterday's national official day of mourning for the 1.248 known victims of the landslides in Zhouqu, Gansu. Another 500 are missing.  This type of official mourning is new in China, the first being held […]

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Little Green Men Visit Liuzhou

I find out I am not the only alien in Liuzhou! Apparently, on Wednesday evening at 9:40 pm, a UFO was seen above Liuzhou. I see many UFOs every time I visit the local market – Unidentified Frying Objects – but this was one of the extraterrestrial types – Unidentified Flying Object. Described as being a […]

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Not Wal-Mart

I’m happy to say that Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Commerce has confirmed what I was 100% sure of all along. Despite the rumours and the posters, there is not now, nor has there ever been any plan for Walmart to open in Liuzhou. Today, they have issued a progress report on the building […]

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