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How to be Civilised

The local government have kindly slapped this notice on the wall at the entrance to my apartment block. Basically it is a list of instructions on how to be civilised. Just what I needed!


What follows is a summary rather than a full translation.

1,) Use polite language. Do not curse or use abusive language.

2,) Do not spit; do not smoke in public, do not be noisy, do not abuse public facilities, do not throw rubbish around.

3,) Obey traffic rules; do not jump red lights; do not indiscriminately stop and start; drive in a civilised manner.

4,) Cross the road at the zebra crossings; do not climb over traffic barriers.

5,) Dress cleanly, tidily, tastefully and appropriately.

6,) Be aware of hygiene in public toilets and wash after use.

7,) Do not take part in gambling or superstitious activities. Don't be noisy in public places.

8,) Protect the environment. Be green. Don't step on flowers and grass.

9,) When shopping do not break up pre-packaged goods

10,) When boarding the bus, stand in line; respect other passengers.

11,) Do not take part in unlicensed selling on the streets.

12,) Help the young and old; donate blood; support disaster relief; and take part in public activities.

Well! Now I know what I have been doing wrong all these years!

I can't decide which is sadder – that the government can be so patronising or that the locals need to be told this.

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