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Death of the China Blog

Anyone interested in English language blogs on China should be checking out this podcast featuring heavyweights Kaiser Kuo,  Will Moss of Imagethief and Danwei founder, Jeremy Goldkorn. They insightfully discuss the history of English language blogs about China, its present state and they make many recommendations. Of course, the only reason I mention this is that, […]

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How to be Civilised

The local government have kindly slapped this notice on the wall at the entrance to my apartment block. Basically it is a list of instructions on how to be civilised. Just what I needed! What follows is a summary rather than a full translation. 1,) Use polite language. Do not curse or use abusive language. […]

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Random Picture No. 37 – Corner

This is one of my favourite parts of Liuzhou.  It is a stone's throw from the city centre but has been spared the neonification (so far). It is the real city behind the glitzy facade. Old, run down, chaotic and full of life. Like me! The best time to visit is early morning when the maze […]

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“the vandals took the handles”

“The pump don’t work ’Cause the vandals took the handles” Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues 1965 One evening a few days ago I got home after a stroll around downtown Liuzhou. I went to wash my hands and spectacularly failed. A dribble of water came out then stopped completely. Strange, I thought, but guessed they […]

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Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

A friend posted this on Facebook. Funniest thing I’ve seen in years, but you may have to be British (or even Welsh) to get a lot of it! But it does mention Guangxi, if not Liuzhou! So I had to share. (Blocked in China.) “Twinned with Guangxi Province in China / There’s no province finer!”

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Spontaneous Combustion

Along with the rest of China, we have been going through something of a heatwave with temperatures in the high 30s centigrade. This has resulted in a number spontaneous combustions. Not people (as yet), but cars and buses. In the latter case maybe it should be comBUStion. So far, no one has been injured. I've been keeping […]

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Spot the Error?

Apparently, there us some  sort of sporting activity going on. Despite China not taking part in this event, they are doing a roaring trade in connection with the event. Apparently there is some sort of vogue for blowing trumpets with unpronounceable names – all of which are made in China as are all the balls […]

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Donor Search

I have been contacted by an American woman who is travelling to Liuzhou on a hunt for a donor match for her adoptive daughter who is suffering from leukemia. She has asked for help in contacting people who may be able to help. I have a few ideas but any suggestions are welcome. “Sherrie Cramer, who […]

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Party Party

  Yesterday, July 1st was the 89th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The local branch did what the party does best – organise dinner. They threw a banquet for members of the various ethnc minorities who live in the north of Liuzhou Prefecture near the border with Hunan Province. Few members […]

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