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In the Sh*t

It is my great pleasure to announce that Liuzhou’s ancient and noble art of falling down holes continues to this day. I was beginning to wonder if the practice had died out. I read that a woman worker at Liuzhou’s Rong’an sewage treatment plant selflessly fell into a cesspit yesterday, thereby upholding the ancient rites and making […]

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Up against the fence

Here we are again. It's been a bit quiet round here lately. Mainly because I haven't been outside the house for weeks except for emergency beer supplies etc. It has been raining again. Here we are in the middle of flood season once again and all we can do is sit it out. Or, if […]

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Star Fucks

It’s always the same round here. Someone opens a new business. It takes off. So everyone else opens the same kind of business until the market gets saturated and no one makes any money! There used to be one guy in the city centre selling and attaching little protective covers for your mobile phone display. […]

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Ding Dong 2

It seems that the giant Buddhist bell which I mentioned back in April is now ready to be shipped to Liuzhou’s Xilai Temple. Here are a few pictures of the finished thing.

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