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Raising the Dead

The Dead AwakeIt has been reported that a Liuzhou man has been raised from the dead.

Apparantly, the 84 year old, identified only as Mr. Hou, was declared dead in hospital and the body taken home where funeral preparations were being carried out. At some point Mr. Hou’s daughter discovered that her father was, in fact, still alive. Baba was breathing!

It seems he had stopped breathing seven times and his heart stopped beating twice during emergency medical treatment after being hospitalised as he was experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties at home. Doctors now think that traditional Chinese medicine he had been taking might have caused his heart to stop while he was being treated.

Medicine that stops the heart? I call that ‘poison’.

The hospital to be avoided is Liucheng County People’s Hospital. Well, they are all to be avoided but this one in particular.

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2 Responses to “Raising the Dead”

  1. Carl Johnson Says:

    We had a similar thing happen in the US a few days ago. The poor man was on the embalmers table, When he began to hiccup! I don’t recall which city or state, but it was widely reported in the media.
    Well, anyway, I heard it on the radio a few times.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Yes, I saw that story. It was on the Guardian website and the BBC.

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