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Miao Children

Anyone in Liuzhou over the next few days, and with half an hour or so to kill, could do a lot worse than pop into Liuzhou Museum where they are displaying a selection of 150 photographs, mainly of schoolchildren of the Miao minority who live in their mountain villages in nearby Rongshui County of Liuzhou. […]

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Washington (behind the) Times

According to a story in today’s Washington Times, a forthcoming report “identifies for the first time China’s ground-launch cruise-missile bases at Liuzhou”. For the first time? That’s odd. I blogged about the bases back in January when I read about them on the Taiwan News website.

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Carrefour Coming?

It seems that French supermarket chain, Carrefour is setting its sights on Liuzhou. According to press reports, the company has been holding talks with Liuzhou government on opening its first store in the city. This is the first hard report of a foreign owned supermarket in the city, despite the long term, totally unstubstantiatedrumours that […]

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Raising the Dead

It has been reported that a Liuzhou man has been raised from the dead. Apparantly, the 84 year old, identified only as Mr. Hou, was declared dead in hospital and the body taken home where funeral preparations were being carried out. At some point Mr. Hou’s daughter discovered that her father was, in fact, still […]

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¥30000000 Noodles

I reckon it would be impossible to count how many noodles shops there are in China. Literally millions. And by the time you finished counting, there would be a thousand closing down and another two thousand opening up. Even here in Liuzhou, they are uncountable. We have noodles of every kind. The local specialities are rice […]

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British embassy stops issuing passports

This is one for the Brits. As of Monday (May 3rd), The British Embassy in Beijing is no longer accepting passport applications. All applications and renewals etc. from the mainland now have to be sent to Hong Kong. Full details are on the embassy website. Fortunately, I renewed mine four years ago. And I’m not looking […]

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