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The citizens of Liuzhou are yawning delighted that the latest branch of the flood drainage system underground shopping mall has, today, finally opened after more than a year of traffic disruption in the city centre. The new northern branch has changed the arcade to a 工 shape allowing for more drainage cheap shops selling shabby fakes and […]

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Expatriate Games

I am sorry to say my friend and colleague, photographer and fellow blogger known as Expatriate Games has been hospitilized here in Liuzhou after being hit by a motorcycle sometime on Friday. I have spoken with him and he tells me he has some broken ribs and severe bruising. He is in good humour and tells me […]

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Ding Dong

I spotted a story in the news recently about the building of the world's largest Buddhist bell, I vaguely remember the headline, but wasn't that interested. Buddhist bells don't ding my dong or vice versa. But I have since learned that the ultimate destination of this clanger now being built in faraway Wuhan is Liuzhou's Xi […]

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HFMD deaths rise in Liuzhou

According to China Daily, over 1200 cases of hand-foot-and-mouth disease have been reported in Liuzhou this year leading to six deaths. The Ministry of Health are warning that the death toll could be higher in April. The highly infectious disease usually only affects children.

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I just wish to point out that the Liuzhou man in today's China Doolally story about a man who imbibed an excess of laughing juice, became unconscious  a bit sleepy and passed out dozed off, only to wake up to find he had been stripped of all his belongings and clothes except his underpants was not me! I think.

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Liuzhou Lies; China Cheats

We're in the news again. Well, Liuzhou is. The story will be no surprise to anyone who has any connection with China's disfunctional education system, but for some reason newspapers have taken to reporting that it may be the case that Chinese academics might not always be the people who write their papers.  Well, stone me! I've […]

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Stubborn Buns Explode

Back in June of 2009, I mentioned Liuzhou’s popular steamed bun shop which refused to die when its original premises were demolished as part of the redevelopment of the old People’s Hospital site. After the demolition they set up a Portakabin on their old site and carried on trading. Since then they have added two […]

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I’m Not Here

I reported back in January the rumour that Bob Dylan was to play in China. It should have been this week, but to my total lack of surprise it never happened. Today reports are being issued claiming that his non appearance is due to his promoters being denied permission by China’s Ministry of Culture. While […]

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Artificial Rain

While the western world is “celebrating” the death of Christ, or more probably getting stuck into the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns with nary a religious thought, here in China we are also having a holiday – Qing Ming Jie (清明节). As usual, the locals manage to con themselves into thinking that they have […]

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