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3 minute warning

Who said romance is dead? Liuzhou has been holding a meat market matchmaking find-a-mate-athon in one of the city parks. Among the activities was this “3 minute date” event. Yes, you have three minutes to convince your date to throw their caution to the wind and marry you. It is very much a man needs […]

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Google Giggle

I'm reading some utter nonsense about the Google withdrawal from China. According to most western news outlets, Google is no longer available in China. That's odd. I'm using it and I'm sure I'm still in China. The real situation at the moment is: – the version with the Chinese language interface – is now […]

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I very seldom delete comments on this blog. I let through almost all the comments from the whining complainer who hates Liuzhou so much that he is constantly on my blog looking for things to complain about, but his recent comment was so moronic that I decided not to insult your intelligence by letting it […]

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Augmenting the Population

The pedestrian shopping street in the city centre, 解放南路 jiě fàng nán lù (South Liberation Road) gets pretty busy in the evenings and at weekends – especially during holidays. There isn’t really much to do other than people watching and eating greasy snack foods. There aren’t even many shops. But as I said, it can […]

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Traffic Report

Guess which day I posted the Star F*cks picture. This is a graph of the traffic to this blog over the last 30 days (approximately)

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Lantern Lunacy

Last night, the 28th of February and the Lantern Festival, it seemed as if every last person in Liuzhou came out into the city centre. You couldn’t move! It was much, much busier than in previous years, no doubt partly due to the ridiculously warm weather we have been having. The city centre became a […]

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