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Rocket in my Pocket

Back in October, I was watching the Chinese National Day parade – purely in the interest of historical research, of course. The highlight of the parade for most people (including Hu Jintao who even managed to smile for once) was the march past of the female soldiers of the PLA.

PLA Women

I remember thinking that it would be wonderful if they would send a few of these to Liuzhou so that I could carry out further research. Two or three would do me.

I now read that a souvenir of the parade has been sent to Liuzhou. Unfortunately, not what I ordered.

Earlier in the day, when I wasn't paying attention, it seems that they paraded some immense phallic symbols in order to prove their potency. Technically known as Sword 10th cruise missiles.


And I'm sorry to say it seems this is what they have sent us.

According to today's Taiwan News (unsurprisingly blocked in China), these missiles have been deployed in the 215 cruise missile brigade in Liuzhou. The missiles have a range of over 1,500 kilometres which covers Vietnam, Taiwan, northern India, the Korean peninsula and Okinawa.

Now, I just need to find out where they sent the women! And what their range is!

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