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Guinness Book of Liuzhou Records

The BlackStuffLife is full of little disappointments – and thunderously huge ones!

There I was lazily flicking through the newspaper when a headline caught my eye. Well, nearly – actually only one word caught my eye – "吉尼斯"

This is the common phonetic translation for Guinness. It is pronounced j n sī which is close enough.

In my sorely deprived state, I took this to be something about the black liquid which I miss so much. An overexcited scan of the headline tells me that Liuzhou is to have its own "Guinness"

Every time I hit Hong Kong, the first thing I do is head for my favourite Irish bar and a pint or three of the beautiful black stuff, but here in Liuzhou – forget it. So, you can imagine my excitement.

Then my disappointment when I calmed down and read the article properly.

They aren't providing Dublin's finest after all. Instead, they are planning to publish a book listing Liuzhou's "achievements" – a sort of "Guinness Book of Liuzhou Records"

Oh! It's so tempting to offer up a few suggestions – the most idiotic, the cruellest, the ugliest… I'm sure I'll return to this. In the meantime, I remain Guinness-less. Sigh.

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