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Random Picture No. 21 – Preparing to Perform

Random Picture No. 21

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A True Shaggy Dog Story

Recent news and discussions (including my last post) have reminded me of this true tale from around ten years ago. Grandfather lived in a small house yards from the river, which flooded every summer. For a few weeks every year, he would move in with family until the waters retreated, then spent even longer trying […]

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Doing the Dog

Last weekend I had just finished writing a post about this topic, when the blog site went down for routine maintenance I had forgotten about and I lost the whole thing. I was so disheartened that I never got round to rewriting it – then over the last two days it started hitting the world […]

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Rocket in my Pocket

Back in October, I was watching the Chinese National Day parade – purely in the interest of historical research, of course. The highlight of the parade for most people (including Hu Jintao who even managed to smile for once) was the march past of the female soldiers of the PLA.   I remember thinking that […]

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Imagining Walmart

Three times in about as many weeks, different people have informed me that Liuzhou is soon to have a branch of Wal-Mart. This rumour pops up regularly. What happens is that somewhere in Liuzhou a new building site emerges (the whole city is a building site) and they erect a protective hoarding around it. Of […]

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Random Picture No. 20 – Pig Face

Random Picture No. 20 Twentieth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse or interest me. It's that time of year again. The locals are hanging out their bits of pig to preserve them for the winter. For the last few days, every time I leave my home, I have to pass this […]

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Guinness Book of Liuzhou Records

Life is full of little disappointments – and thunderously huge ones! There I was lazily flicking through the newspaper when a headline caught my eye. Well, nearly – actually only one word caught my eye – “吉尼斯”  This is the common phonetic translation for Guinness. It is pronounced jí ní sī which is close enough. […]

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Tower Tardily Toppled

Liuzhou’s now world-famous Leaning Tower has finally been toppled. Following the spectacular failure of the 30th of December when explosives failed to bring down the 22 floor residential building, a demolition crew finally brought it down yesterday, the 8th of January, by using a hydraulic battering ram to punch a hole through the building, weakening […]

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Falling Through Clouds

  This is a shameless plug – nothing to do with China, Liuzhou or anything else. My dear friend, Anna has her first  novel – Falling Through Clouds – published tomorrow (9th January). I am really proud of her as are her husband Johnny, children, friends and family. She talked about this years ago when […]

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China Frees Internet – Lunatic Lies

Good News! Official! “China has the most open Internet in the world” says Zhou Xisheng (周锡生) Deputy Chief of Xinhua* News Agency, Director-General of Xinhua* News Net, Clot of the Year. *Xinhua is Chinese for “total bollocks”. Or something. I've decided to give him an English name – they love English names around here.  Let […]

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