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Organic Liuzhou

I have come across an episode of a television programme, China's New Faces, originally broadcast in January 2009 by Hong Kong's RTHK public broadcasting service. The episode is about efforts to introduce organic farming in and around Liuzhou. I found the film more interesting than it perhaps sounds. The restaurant featured in part 3 is […]

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Random Picture No. 17 – Night Market, July 2003

Seventeenth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse or interest me. I was recently rummaging around in some old photo albums and came across this blast from the past which brought back memories. It is of the night market which used to be at the bottom end of what is now the […]

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We're all a bit in shock here in Liuzhou. Just last week it was a sunny 21ºC. Then the temperature dropped overnight to 12º before staggering downwards to a mere 6ºC. And they have been the highs. Right now, 3:30 pm on Wednesday 18th November, it is a mere 10ºC. Of course, it does get […]

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Working as a cook for a spell

Cooking in a wok, at the London Mela 2005. Source: Jan van der Crabben (Photographer) This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License.  I decided many years ago that I wasn’t going to survive in China unless I was willing to do something utterly ridiculous every now and again. Perhaps one […]

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Wheels on Fire

We're used to the occasional fireworks display round these parts – New Year, China's National Day etc. But a couple of days ago we had an unexpected display. It seems this truck carrying a load of fireworks caught fire while on the Liuzhou-Nanning expressway and the cargo did what the cargo was designed to do. […]

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Liuzhou H1N1 Fatality

Liuzhou has reported its first H1N1 (Swine Flu) fatality. A 27 year old man, named only by the surname Zhang, fell ill on November 1st and went to Liuzhou Worker’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with H1N1 and transferred to Liuzhou People’s Hospital, the designated treatment centre for swine flu. Yesterday (11th), the patient was […]

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Can you search for what’s not lost?

It's been a bit quiet round this blog recently. But it was nearly lost altogether. At the beginning of the month, I received an email from the service provider, Blog-City, reminding me that my subscription had expired and giving me 10 days to cough up after which my blog would be deleted for non-payment. Perfectly […]

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