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The Last Drop of Water

As the water sports wind down, the city is beginning to get back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets. At the weekend the locals get their river back.

To my surprise some aspects of the mutterings of discontent seem to be being addressed. The local rag is reporting that those people who managed to find day tickets feel that the price was too high and there have been many complaints about the lack of shelter and other basic facilities at the competition site. People either had to sit in the baking sun or take shelter and be unable to see.

Of course, this didn’t have any effect on the week ticket holders. They were OK in their VIP area and, of course, didn’t pay for their tickets anyway, so they aren’t complaining about the price.

All of these concerns are to be met by moving the venue away from the city centre to a dedicated water sports venue elsewhere on the river. Deputy Director of the event Jia Shushan said that the city centre site was merely a temporary venue and therefore cannot be perfect. Clutching a five-year contract for the games, he said that the new area, in the Jinglan Bridge area, will be more professional.

And the locals get their river back!

But before I drop this subject, it is only fair to throw in a clip of the final sport – the F1 Powerboat racing. This is the second year this stage of the finals has been held in Liuzhou. As ever, from Liuzhou TV.

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