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Random Picture No. 16 – Sunflowers

Sixteenth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse or interest me.

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Crime and Punishment

Several times over the years, various foreigners in Liuzhou have commented on how little crime there is in the city. I always want to ask them how they have arrived at that conclusion without being able to read or understand Chinese. True, crime against foreigners is low (the occasional pick-pocketing and petty theft), but getting […]

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4 Foreigners Killed in Guangxi

Four Dutch tourists, two couples aged around 50, are reported to have died at around 8:30 this morning (14th October). According to reports, they were killed when a hot-air balloon exploded and crashed 30km (20 miles) south of Yangshuo in Guangxi. .  Five passengers, all from a tour group from the Netherlands, and two Chinese […]

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Liuzhou HIV / Aids Statistics

The State Council AIDS Working Committee is visiting Liuzhou following the release of the latest figures. The main points are as follows: There are over 9,000 known cases of HIV /AIDS infection in Liuzhou.  The main transmission route is now via heterosexual sexual contact, having risen from 1.92% in 1998 to 59.05% in 2008. Intravenous […]

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The Last Drop of Water

As the water sports wind down, the city is beginning to get back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets. At the weekend the locals get their river back. To my surprise some aspects of the mutterings of discontent seem to be being addressed. The local rag is reporting that those people who managed […]

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Power Ski

After the water ski events, we moved on to what is known as power ski.  A bit like the millions of electric scooters plaguing Liuzhou, but these run on water. Apart from just doing speed races, they also like to do stunts – again like the e-bikes! Anyway, as I'm posting videos this week, I suppose […]

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Water Skiing Seeing

So the water skiers have gone. Now we move on to the F1 Speedboating. But before we go there, here are some clips from Liuzhou TV showing some of the water ski events. But first, the opening ceremony and firework display! Note that it was China’s 60th National Day and the fireworks were scheduled for […]

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Mutterings of Discontent

Tomorrow (2nd October), sees the start of the two day, first Liuzhou Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup to be held on the river between the No 1 (Liujiang) Bridge and Wenhui Bridge. It will be followed by the F1 Powerboat Grand Prix, being held here for the second year. It seems that at least one […]

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Anniversaries of the Past

After a day of watching the Communist Party parade its phallic symbols across our television screens for hours on end (no, I didn’t watch it all. I did catch the female militia in their miniskirts and boots, though. Purely accidentally, of course), I thought I’d do a bit of time travelling to see where it […]

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