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Environ Mental Anniversary

China is going totally over the top to remember 60 years of Communist Party rule, although they pretend it's China's birthday which is patently nonsense. Tomorrow, October 1st will see an outpouring of propaganda from Beijing (which is more than the Beijing people will see – they have been effectively banned from taking part.) The […]

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Puff the Magic Dragon

Liuzhou hasn't hung back in its recently announced threat promise to exploit the river to develop tourism. The upcoming “International Aquatic Carnival” not only once again features the F1 Powerboat championship on October 6th and 7th, but also the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) will present the next stop of their World Cup series […]

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No Car Day

You would be forgiven for not noticing that yesterday (Tuesday, 22nd Sept) was NO CAR DAY in Liuzhou. The scheme was dreamed up by the national Ministry of Construction and 112 cities across the country were required to carry out “China Urban Public Transport Week and Car Free Day activities”. This year was our turn. […]

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Liuzhou HIV / Aids Statistics

The State Council AIDS Working Committee is visiting Liuzhou following the release of the latest figures. The main points are as follows: There are over 9,000 known cases of HIV /AIDS infection in Liuzhou.  The main transmission route is now via heterosexual sexual contact, having risen from 1.92% in 1998 to 59.05% in 2008. Intravenous […]

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“yon cool and crystal fountain”

Back in 2003, the powers that be decided to destroy the old city square and build what you see today. Most locals preferred the old one with its shade providing trees and places to sit down and have a cup of tea or a beer – or even dinner. Now it is a soulless desert […]

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Tobacco Control Hospitals

It is over four years since I posted an entry entitled “Get Sick, Get Well” recounting my experiences as an in-patient in Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital. At the time, one of my few complaints, but a major one, was that patients and staff were allowed to smoke, not only in the hospital, but even while lying […]

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Two men who tried lighting up cigarettes in a public toilet in Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, were seriously burnt as they accidentally ignited marsh gas, last Thursday. A blaze broke out in the environment-friendly toilet in the city's Erqiaotou road when they lit the cigarettes. The men suffered burns on their hips and were […]

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Making a Splash

Liuzhou’s Party Secretary, the top guy, Chen Gang has admitted to a slight flaw in the local government’s plan to turn Liuzhou into a major tourist city. A lack of tourist attractions! There is a handful of parks, but beyond that the touristy things tend to be outside the city and not that great anyway. […]

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The Waters of Oblivion

It is still hot and a favourite way to cool down is, of course, to hop, dive or jump into your favourite swimming pool. Not long ago, I read someone's blog complaining that there are no swimming pools in Liuzhou. Why do people make these grandiose statements when they have been in Liuzhou for a […]

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Taxi Traumas – Bus Bedlam

They're a pretty polite lot around here. But first let me backtrack. This morning I did something I tend to avoid. I took a bus. The reason for this uncharacteristic behaviour was that yesterday I was severely traumatised by a taxi ride and I'm not mentally well enough recovered to consider a repeat trip.  I […]

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