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Summer Camp

In past years, school kids across China have been given the usual holidays – summer, spring festival etc. Then they were ordered to attend compulsory make up lessons, tutoring sessions etc., meaning they didn't get a break at all – or only a day or two.

In recent years, there has been a bit of a backlash against this from teachers, psychologists and other professionally interested parties – especially in view of the rising number of suicides among school age children unable to take the pressure.

This year saw the introduction of "No-tutoring during Summer Holiday" which has been welcomed by pupils and teachers alike. However, one group of people with a vested interest are not so happy – parents. They are concerned their poor little brat might slip behind in his or her academic standing and, probably more to the point, concerned that they are having to take time to look after their progeny during the break.

"In order to solve these problems, 57 teenager science studios have been set up in the 6 counties and 4 districts of the city, providing scientific summer camps for students during the holiday."

So the little monsters still have to go to school. According to the Liuzhou Government website:

"[Summer camp tutoring] has become a complementary part of the no-tutoring policy."

Yeah, Right. Only the government could come up with that!

These summer camps, which usually take place in schools, are set up by various organisations and individuals – government departments organise them, private schools organise them, teachers organise them, recently graduated students organise them, foreigners organise them, people with no discernible qualifications organise them – all with one intention. To make money!

There is no supervision or any standards body overseeing them and it is only when something goes wrong that anyone is held to account as we have seen recently with the deaths of two schoolboys in summer camps, one in Nanning and one in Hubei province, while on "internet addiction treatment courses". Let's hope all Liuzhou's mites survive the summer.

By the way, I live next door to a middle school. There have been kids in there all summer. Not as many as usual, but some.

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