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Predictably, the front page of the local rag is dedicated to yesterday’s fatal train derailment¬†in Liuzhou. They dedicate the page to images of the tragic train wreck – er, hold on! No they don’t! They dedicate the front page to a picture of the Liuzhou Communist Party Secretary and the Guangxi Communist Party Secretary and […]

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Train derailed in Liuzhou, 4 dead, 50+ injured

At 4:22 this morning, (Wed 29th July), a train from Xiangfan in Hubei Province to Zhanjiang in Guangdong Province, was derailed in Liuzhou, killing four and injuring over 50. The locomotive and following four cars were derailed. It seems the accident was caused by a landslide following the recent heavy rains.† Train services to and […]

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Funny Money

Liuzhou news outlets are announcing the arrest of a couple at Liuzhou Bus Station, where they were reported to be carrying ¬•598,000 Yuan* in fake ¬•20 bills. As ever the “suspects” are photographed in a humiliating crouching position, and the newspapers report their confession, despite the fact that “inquiries are continuing”. Trial? No need. You […]

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Random Photograph 15 – Lamp

Fifteenth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse or interest me. A lamp in a Liuzhou bar. †

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Your number is up!

For reasons which may become clear, I’ve been taking an extraordinary interest in Chinese vehicles’ registration plates of late. They are not as boring as may at first seem! They come in four different colours and contain all sorts of fascinating information. The most common are the blue ones. These begin with one Chinese character, […]

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Liuzhou Eclipse

Yesterday's solar eclipse was only partial down here in Liuzhou and I managed to sleep through it anyway! So here is a picture taken on Malu Mountain in Liuzhou.

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The Cleanup Begins

Now that the water level has fallen back to near normal levels, the big cleanup has begun. Local residents have been joined by the military to clear up the mud and debris from the flooding. Until next time. †

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Watching the River Flow

Well, it has finally stopped raining. For now.¬† So, this morning I managed to get out. The flooding is much worse than I thought. Possibly the worst since 1996 when almost all the city was under water.¬† The river reached a peak of 89.62 metres (7.12 metres above the danger level) at 10 pm last […]

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Rising Damp

It's a bit damp round these parts. We are getting regular text messages warning of the rising water level in the river. Last night at 8 pm, it was at 83.13 metres. Today, at 1 pm, it was at 88.30 metres, which is 5.80 metres higher than what is considered to be the danger level. […]

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