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8 on the bike and the little one said…

I’ve mentioned before the multiple occupancy of motor cycles in China, but here is a new record doing the rounds of the Chinese internet! One motor cycle – 8 people. Of course, no one is wearing a helmet, but don’t worry. If they fall off, they won’t get brain damage. They clearly have no brains […]

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Shut Up!

If I ever get round to leaving China, strongest among the many memories I will take with me will not be the scenery or the food or the people. No. It will be the constant racket. I have never been anywhere so noisy. Right now, I can hear the woman in the corner shop below […]

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Putting Your Foot In It

I am delighted to announce a new heroic contribution to Liuzhou’s long and distinguished tradition of Falling Down Holes. This young chap managed to get himself trapped in the Chinese style, “hole in the floor” toilet. Firefighters were hailed and freed him. Source (Chinese)

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Animal Fighting

If you are faint hearted or one of those people who finds cruelty to animals particularly difficult to take, then stop reading now. And certainly don’t click on the links. As a reminder (as if I needed one) that I live in a very different culture, a story in today’s newspaper caught my attention. In […]

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Two sad stories from Liuzhou newspapers today. What is wrong with people? My first story is about a 9 year old Liuzhou girl who was being repeatedly raped by her 79 year old neighbour. If that wasn't bad enough, when her father found out, instead of reporting this to the police, instead he demanded 500 […]

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Bang 3

They're at it again! It's the latest fashion. For the third time in about as many weeks they've been blowing up Liuzhou buildings again. Yesterday, it was a remaining part of the old People's Hospital – the Medical Technology Building. More fun for the locals! I'm keeping moving in case they blow me up! For […]

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Oz Arrested

I've just heard from a source, whose job it is to know such things, that an Australian is being held in custody here in Liuzhou. I have very few details, but it seems he was trying to arrange some sort of business deal. When the Chinese party suspected him of fraud, the police were called […]

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River Deep Mountain High

We’ve been hearing a lot about Qomolangma the last couple of days. Never heard of it? It’s the Chinese name for Mount Everest. It seems some Liuzhou woman, Sun YanHui was photographed at the Everest Base Camp along with Luo Lili from Nanning. They are reported to be going to attempt to reach the summit […]

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For reasons I can't work out, the internet in Liuzhou is grinding to a halt. It is becoming harder and harder to get into sites. It has taken me hours to get here. My usual ways to get round the blocks are becoming difficult, too. Not because they are blocked (I think) – just because […]

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No One in Hole – Official

Regular readers (both of you) will recall that Liuzhou has a long history of people (and buffaloes) falling down holes. There haven’t been any recent examples and now I read that, for sure, no one has fallen down one particular hole. Mr Zhu was strolling along a Liuzhou street when he became alarmed by groaning […]

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