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Opening Ducks

In their never ending crusade to bore each other rigid, the local “leaders” have held a building site opening ceremony. As they do. Absolutely everything has to have an opening ceremony. These consist of a load of young and pretty girls hanging around in Qipao – Traditional Chinese dresses – and lovely they look. Then a […]

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This week I went to a wedding. My friend Ella, Li Qiuling got married. Here she is.    

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It’s Not Fare! #2

The locals are complaining. Three years ago, Liuzhou’s bus company raised the bus fares. Most journeys were priced at a flat fare of ¥1, but, due to rising fuel costs, they raised this to ¥1.2. The same happened in nearby cities such as Nanning and Guilin. Recently, fuel prices have fallen and Guilin and Nanning […]

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A Fishy Tale

Yesterday evening at 6 pm, Liuzhou resident Mr Mo was about to pack up and go home after a frustrating day fishing in the Liujiang, the river which runs through the heart of Liuzhou. Just as he was about to leave he got a bite. After a half hour struggle, he finally landed a 12 […]

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Bang Bang Bang!

The locals had so much fun three weeks ago blowing up the People’s Hospital, that they decided to blow up another building. This morning it was the turn of the Zhongshan Mansions Hotel (Zhong Shan Dasha) in the heart of the city centre.   Right next door, they are also demolishing what was Guilinren restaurant […]

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Another harrowing mental health tale has emerged from Liuzhou. In late 2007, I brought you the painful story of “the girl in the dark.” Now we have an unfortunate young man. Mr Yang is 34 years old. He lives in Meisu Village in Sanjiang province of Liuzhou Prefecture.  In 2000, he graduated with a degree […]

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San Ba Games

Today is International Women's Day (San Ba, for short). China takes this fairly seriously compared to Western countries, and although it is not an official holiday, people do celebrate and women are often given a day or half day off work. Various activities are organised – usually by employing organisations. Most people still work under […]

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YouTube Down Up the Tube Again Again Up Up Revisited

Original story from March 5th, 2009 Apologies to people in China who can’t access some of the videos on this blog. The guardians of our morals donkeys have gone and blocked YouTube again. At least in some places. Danwei are reporting that it is not blocked in Beijing, but the comments below their story suggest […]

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