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Nonggan Babbler 2

I would have thought that there was something more important to report in the world, but for some reason, the international press is suddenly going mad reporting about the Nonggan Babbler, a story I brought you a full 7 months ago. It seems Associated Press (AP) just noticed it. Nice to have a good up […]

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Free Money

As you probably know, it is the custom in China to give Hong Bao, Red Envelopes as gifts at Chinese New Year, especially to children and the elderly. The red envelopes contain money.  Yesterday, the third day of the new year, I was walking from my home towards the downtown area to do a bit […]

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Liuzhou Scenes 2

I've been doing a bit of tidying up and found that the Liuzhou Scenes video I made before is well out of date. So, I made a new one. You can watch here or double click through to YouTube where the quality is maybe better. Enjoy. 

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Happy Niu Year!

We have entered The Year of the Ox. The Chinese character in the above means cow, ox, bull etc. You know! Cowish things. It sounds vaguely like 'new' so this is the big Chinglish joke at the moment. Well, probably the only one. Anyway, have a good one!    

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Liuzhou Museum

Holidays are here and lots of time to fill. One suggestion. Liuzhou Museum. The notice at the gate says the museum moved to its present address in the North-East corner of Liuzhou Peoples’ Square in July 2003. Not true. The old museum closed then, but it took another four years to build the new one. […]

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slow train comin’

As a follow-up to my post yesterday, here are some pictures from the local rag showing happy locals at Liuzhou railway station and bus station and airport, yesterday. It’s only going to get worse. They expect the peak around the 20th.

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It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

Normally, this weekend would be considered to be the beginning of what has been described each year as the greatest mass movement of humanity in world history. The Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival as it is known here, is coming. January 26th. The Year of the Ox. Moo! Most Chinese people head home […]

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Frozen Fish – Tilapia Trauma

One of the things I miss around here is good fish. Not that we don't have any fish, but most of the fish are freshwater breeds which simply don't taste as good as seawater varieties, so require pepping up with strong flavours. A winter favourite is Suan Cai Yu (酸菜鱼) which is “Fish Hotpot with […]

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Sanjiang Fires

One of Guangxi’s great attractions is the plethora of minority peoples’ villages all over the countryside. Miao, Yao and Dong people, in particular. Especially popular with the foreign tourists and backpackers are the Dong villages around Sanjiang in the north of Liuzhou prefecture. The distinct Dong architecture features wooden houses, drum towers and ‘Wind and […]

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