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Ming Dynasty Swiss Watch

I once met a young, otherwise sane Chinese chap who was utterly convinced that when explorers first broke into Tutankhamen's tomb, they found a fully functional colour television. He saw it on a documentary, he claimed.

I am reminded of this by reading a story in the newspapers today. It seems that some local idiots archaeologists were digging into a tomb which had been undisrupted for 400 years (Tut was more like 4,000) and they found a miniature Swiss watch which had stopped at 10:06 (in the year 1608?). Coincidentally, there were two reporters with them at the time who were making a "documentary".

They have now called in experts from Beijing to 'explain' their mysterious and confusing find.

I could save them the train fare. You've been stitched up, idiots! See? Didn't need an expert to explain that, did you? Now, if you'd found an iPhone, I would have been impressed.

Swiss Watch 

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