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Spiral Scratch

I commented before on the epic lack of taste of the local planners and, in particular, this nonsense where they seemed to have gathered together a team of drunken imbeciles to design a few tubes covered in sticky back plastic. The sort of thing I did in primary school – or would have done if they had invented sticky back plastic a few decades earlier.

Sticky Back Plastic

But now, I am more ready to be conciliatory. They have obviously taken all my constructive criticism to heart and consulted experts. The bar has been raised, the goalposts moved. Today, as I strolled into town, I passed the previously offending site and witnessed an aesthetic revolution. 

The spiral stripes of plastic have been removed. Naked cardboard tubes stood proud and erect on the lawn. And a bunch of people were covering them with paper flowers, each stuck on carefully by hand.

Flowery Tubes 

Out of sheer habit, they were sticking the paper roses on in a spiral pattern. As you would.

Spiral Flowers 

I guess this is something to do with the upcoming 50th anniversary of Guangxi's founding, but I don't remember anything in "Chinese History for Idiots" mentioning flowery paper spirals. I must have missed class that day.

Final Product

The Final Product 

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