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We are used to the mind-numbing slowness of China’s internet connection, especially with overseas sites. We are used to having to use proxies to get round their silly blocking. Now we have to get used to something new.   Not content to rest on their laurels, China Telecom have decided to improve screw up our […]

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Holy Mall

Well, they finally opened their underground shopping mall under Longcheng Road, inches from the river which floods the city every year. It came on line today, Sunday. It looks remarkably like a shopping mall which is underground. Full of the same cheap fashion shops that are everywhere else. There is nothing new. Today, it was […]

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Ho He Hao Ha Ha

I have to point you in the direction of this story from essential reading site, Danwei. It has nothing at all to do with Liuzhou. In fact, it could hardly be much further away. But it had me crying with laughter. Some bright spark conned the government of Inner Mongolia's capital city, Hohhot into blowing […]

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Lamppost Interrogation

Random Photograph No. 14& Fourteenth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse or interest me.   Sadly, the driver of this motorcycle and his pillion passenger both died.  That's what happens when you ride into lamposts after getting blind drunk. Daily occurence around here. I was just intrigued by the cop interrogating […]

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Ethical Mistaken Identity

Rongshui County (Rongshui means 'Meltwater') is part of Liuzhou Prefecture and lies to the north of the city. Apart from the county town, it comprises small villages and is very rural. It is a very undeveloped and poor part of China. Most of the inhabitants are from the Miao ethnic minority. In fact, it is […]

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Looking Down on Liuzhou

This is shamelessly lifted from the local newspaper. It shows an aerial view of Liuzhou which is slightly different from the usual view taken from the local hill. Shame it's not bigger. But enjoy.

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The Attack of the Killer Umbrellas

  I hate umbrellas. For a start, if you really need to be going out and about in the rain, what do you think taxis are for? However, I confess to carrying one and, when absolutely forced to, using it to dash through the wet stuff from the taxi to my intended venue. Actually, I […]

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Dark Star

Less than a month after its triumphant ceremonial unveiling (yawn), Liuzhou’s Five Star statue has been decommissioned. It is currently covered with scaffolding and half hidden behind plastic sheeting. The city has been awash with hopes rumours that the thing is to be demolished. Unfortunately not. It seems that the designers have taken some criticism […]

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