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Smoke on the Water

The river has been busy.

A couple of  weekends ago, we had a bunch of overgrown rich kids turn up and play with their expensive toys. This was known as the F1 Powerboat Grand Prix and I was going to ignore it. Then I read that the local government are praising themselves for its success and that it was greatly appreciated by Liuzhou's citizenry.


Total garbage.

The event was supposedly sponsored by SAIC-Wuling-GM, but the local government also managed to spend a rumoured 30 million yuan on the two day event. 30 million of the locals' money. Then they made sure the locals couldn't see it. All vantage points – bridges, parks, mountains – overlooking the relevant section of the river were closed off by police and the only people who got to watch were those with connections to government. Despite being advertised, no tickets were actually put on sale.


Trying to see 

Locals were kept well away and could only peer hopefully through the few tiny gaps that allowed you a view of a postage stamp section of river which a fast boat may or not pass through. The locals I saw were far from "appreciating".

Then last weekend we were treated to this.

Fire on the Water

No, they haven't declared war. It was an exercise by the river police / firefighters.

This one, I'll leave for you to work out.


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