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Bedtime Bunkum

SleepThe local authorities are kindly offering us information on how to sleep. According to China's Agriculture Website (link now dead), one Chen Yuan Jiang, a senior Liuzhou medical expert, has proclaimed that "it is necessary to know how to sleep".

It seems that the average human requires around  eight hours of sleep per night. Never knew that!

He also informs us that in Spring and Summer we should go to bed late and get up early, whereas in Autumn and Winter we should go to bed early and get up early. He then contradicts himself by suggesting that in Winter we go to bed early and get up late. 

He then recommends that we lie on a North-South axis with our heads to the north. Where's my compass?

This vacuous nonsense is sadly typical of the drivel which is passed off as scientific fact. But then this is a culture in which a significant number of people believe that walking backwards while clapping hands guarantees a long life.

I'm reasonably sure the website only carried the "story" to have an excuse to publish the picture. As do I.

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