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Dinner Time

Dinner Time

1st in an occasional series.

By request, I am putting up a few entries about what I eat! Just to be eccentric, the first entry about Liuzhou dinners was actually lunch and took place in Nanning.

I had to go on a short trip to visit the Vietnamese Consulate (no, I’m not going to Vietnam), but first a spot of lunch. This was taken in a lovely restaurant called:


Which literally means "Rivers Hundred Fish Village". It sells fish! River fish from Guangxi.

First one must consult the menu. Here is a picture of the menu. Yes, there is no written menu. Just a bunch of tanks containing – well, what do you think.


You make your selection, discuss how you want it cooked and sit back to wait. But not for long.

We had "Clay Pot Stewed Ricefield Eels"

Clay Pot Ricefield Eels

And we had "Guilin Style" Unidentified Fish.

Guilin Style Unidentified Fish

We also had Crucian Carp soup which tasted fine, but was too boring looking to photograph. To accompany all this fishiness we had this vegetable dish which consisted of stir-fried wild crysanthemum leaves topped with chopped tofu, 100 year old egg and mushrooms.

Then it was off to the Consulate stuffed with fish. Then home to Liuzhou.

Vietnam Consulate-General, Nanning

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