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Climbing Up Holes

Ever eager to invent variations on the falling down holes tradition, the creative people of Liuzhou are proud to give you ‘climbing up holes’. It seems that there is a car spare parts producer whose premises were regularly broken into, so the boss built an iron grid around the building. He forgot the floor so […]

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Crap Scrap

I’ve long been convinced of the facts, and have tried to bring you the evidence, but now the prosecution will rest its case after delivering the knockout blow. The case to be proved concerns the utter lack of taste and sanity among the local planning department, i.e the Liuzhou government. The evidence brought before you […]

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Bedtime Bunkum

The local authorities are kindly offering us information on how to sleep. According to China's Agriculture Website (link now dead), one Chen Yuan Jiang, a senior Liuzhou medical expert, has proclaimed that “it is necessary to know how to sleep”. It seems that the average human requires around eight hours of sleep per night. Never […]

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I had just finished posting the last entry when I came across this horrendous news. Now, I am seriously upset. But first, let me take you back. December 31st 1999. Midnight. Where were you? I was sitting beside the most beautiful thing in a 500 mile radius, Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge in […]

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Over 6,000 years of culture and an artistic legacy second to none. The beauty of the ancient architecture such as the Forbidden City, the calligraphy, the literature, the Giant Buddha at Leshan, the Terracotta warriors… I could go on. So, when the drunken imbeciles with no taste who run Liuzhou decide to “brighten up” a […]

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Taxi War

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a gang of around 40 people armed with bottles and knives attacked taxis waiting outside a Liuzhou karaoke bar. Ten taxis were damaged and many windows smashed. It seems that the problem arose from the gang demanding 'protection' money which the drivers refused to pay. Ten people […]

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Football – A Star is Born

Desperate to win every medal at the Olympics and painfully aware how awful they are at football, China has brought out their top player to single handedly take on all comers. Here he is.

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Mine Disaster

Hardly a week goes by without a report of a mine accident somewhere in China. Yesterday, we received reports that 56 people are trapped in a flooded mine in Guangxi. The accident, caused by flooding, has happened in Tiandong county of Baise (Bose) in the west of Guangxi. Associated Press kindly illustrates the story by […]

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One Hundred Li Liujiang One Hundred Li Picture Gallery

Not content with covering everything in the city centre with flashing neon lights, the powers that be have decided to also cover the new area they have built for themselves in the east of the city. This is the area where they were heavily criticised for building themselves luxurious villas. By the river they have […]

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Dinner Time

Dinner Time 1st in an occasional series. By request, I am putting up a few entries about what I eat! Just to be eccentric, the first entry about Liuzhou dinners was actually lunch and took place in Nanning. I had to go on a short trip to visit the Vietnamese Consulate (no, I’m not going […]

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