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How to avoid arrest and talk great Inglish

China kindly publishes English language newspapers to help us idiots to understand what's happening. Occassionally they get the English rite. Not oftun. China Daily usually gets the Englis vaguely write, but is so dull that dead men die again. There is nothing there I want to read. If you want a list of the drunks who […]

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Geez a Joab!

All over China, students are about to graduate from universities and colleges and are seeking work. This is enormously difficult. Before graduating, they are required to fill in all sorts of forms. One asks, among other things, the following:  List all your family members. Indicate if any have been murdered. Indicate if any have been […]

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Water Writing Man

One of Liuzhou's more interesting characters is the one I call “Water Writing Man”. He can often be seen around town. WW Man carries a contraption fed from a water tank on his back which he uses to write his Chinese calligraphy directly onto the pavement. Of course, it soon evaporates. Of course, you are […]

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This entry is not pleasant. If you are at all sensitive, read on. Almost every time I go out, I meet or pass a road traffic accident. I have seen things I don't want to think about. Not just dead bodies but decapitated bodies. When you've seen a bloody headless body on one side of […]

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Nonggang Babbler

I couldn’t resist posting this, just to be able to use the title. It seems that a new species of bird has been identified here in Guangxi. It lives in the Nonggang Nature Reserve, near China’s border with Vietnam. It prefers to walk and only flies when it feels in danger. Seems sensible to me. […]

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Liuzhou Flood Video

Here is an excerpt from Liuzhou Television’s report on the recent floods. It was broadcast on Monday, the 16th of June 2008.

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Earthquake in Liuzhou

Isn’t it typical? Less than a week after informing you that the likelihood of an earthquake in Liuzhou was very low, we only go and have an earthquake. According to local newspapers, Liuzhou experienced a force 2.3 earthquake at 6:06 yesterday morning. Of course, I was sound asleep and missed it completely. Liuzhou City Seismological Bureau have reported that no damage […]

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Conclusions on the Wall

The neighbours are doing what the neighbours do best. They are making lots of noise. Yesterday morning, at around 8:30, I heard the first thump of the day. Right outside my window, a few guys with sledgehammers were smashing up and breaking down the wall separating my apartment block from the (probably illegal) shacks to […]

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Watching the River Flow

It finally stopped raining. So, I took a stroll down to the river. It was full of water! Overfull, to be precise. Fortunately, I didn’t need to use the local lavatorial facilities. The river wasn’t the only thing full of water. Many shops and houses are inundated.   People have rescued what they can and sit waiting for the waters to […]

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Down in the Flood

As I may have pointed out before, it's been raining quite a lot. But don't worry, we're safe. All is well. The Party is looking after us.  According to what I read in the local papers: “Zhang Yonggang, Vice Mayor of Liuzhou City said 'We are ready to evacuate everybody within five minutes if anything happens.” Is the guy clinically insane? It takes them […]

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