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How many roads must a man walk down?

pedestrain Liuzhou Government have been polishing up their Chinglish and proudly announcing that Liuzhou has 20,862 square metres of pedestrian walkway. Indeed, for “new roads, a 3-meter-wide pedestrian walk is compulsory”. They illustrate this by providing this idyllic shot (left) of the peace and tranquillity one is liable to find in Liuzhou’s beautiful pedestrian havens.

They also kindly inform us that “In order to be more harmonious and beautiful, the legislation requires no more than 4 colors for pedestrian floor. Huang Yunguang said, trees were protected if cannot be removed from a pedestrian walk under renovation, which makes the city with trees everywhere.

Whatever that means.

Unfortunately, it is not only the Chinglish which is complete nonsense. This is what Liuzhou’s pedestrian areas really look like. Full of killer scooters.

Bike Park

Or, we can stroll through the city square while cars and buses whizz around us. And here is Liuzhou’s first pedestrian only street.

Pedestrian Area

Yes, full of cars. They are diverting traffic through here while they dig up the main road to build their ludicrous underground shopping mall.

The truth is that the pedestrian is at the end of the food chain as far as the local government are concerned. After all, they never walk anywhere.

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