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Noodle Nonsense

There I was eating my Chicken Giblets Fried Noodles when I got to thinking about the noodle chopstick problem. I don't mean that it's a problem to eat noodles with chopsticks, but there is the problem of choosing the correct method to suit the individual.

So, I decided to bring you a short guide.

First we have the "pick them straight up" method. Depending on the length of the noodles you may have to stand on the table or even borrow a ladder from the local fire fighters. This method is clearly better for the taller among us.



Then we have the knitting method of eating noodles. Treat your chopsticks as knitting needles. You might not get to eat any, but you will end up with a nice noodle jumper or scarf, depending on your knitting pattern.

Knitting Noodles

Finally, you can be sensible and gently manoeuvre the noodles sideways into your mouth while they aren't looking.


But I didn't want noodles! The idiot restaurant had run out of the house speciality. At 11:30 am!

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