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Hospital in Hole

I couldn’t make this up! Over the years, I have often mentioned the amazing regularity with which Liuzhou people like to fall down holes. Most of them end up being taken to hospital. Now the hospital has decided to fall down a hole, too. Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital had to evacuate 500 patients from its wards […]

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Random Photograph #10

Random Photograph No. 10 Tenth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse me.

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Clean Cut Kid

A smile was sent to face today as I stepped out for my daily constitutional. I was headed in the direction of the bread shop, then the market. Oh! And I had to purchase a new fish slice. The handle broke on the last one. I lead such an interesting life. Anyway, there I was […]

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AIDS Kebabs 2

More than a month after China Mobile sent out an SMS warning people of AIDS / HIV laced kebabs (see here), the Xinjiang government have finally woken up after whatever banquet they were at and decided to issue a statement. They make clear that the story is nonsense, explain how HIV can be transmitted and […]

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Noodle Sense

Following on from my previous post entitled “Noodle Nonsense, I am delighted to bring you the news that, despite the usual animosity between the mainland and Taiwan, they do manage to come together, sometimes. Unsurprisingly, over food. It appears that Guangxi has been holding an International Rice Noodle Forum and a delegation from Taiwan attended. […]

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Faux Food

I had an interesting meal a few days ago. I am a dedicated carnivore and tend to regard vegetarians with deep suspicion. And I’ve especially never understood those vegetarians who like to eat pretend meat. If you’re going to be a vegetarian, and you have every right so to do, then eat vegetables happily. Don’t […]

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Fire Boy

A somewhat dramatic picture from Liuzhou. This three year old boy was home alone when a fire broke out in his apartment. He was rescued by the local fire fighters. I don’t understand Chinese parents. On one hand, they spoil the children terribly; on the other they expose them to danger all the time.

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I’m a prisoner. Let me in! Part 2

Last month, I mentioned the escaped prisoner who handed himself in after being on the run for 22 years. Here is a bit of an update, with more details. As a young man, Feng Junqiang became involved with a proscribed political organisation and, in 1984, was sentenced to five years in prison for “counter-revolutionary” crimes. […]

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Noodle Nonsense

There I was eating my Chicken Giblets Fried Noodles when I got to thinking about the noodle chopstick problem. I don't mean that it's a problem to eat noodles with chopsticks, but there is the problem of choosing the correct method to suit the individual. So, I decided to bring you a short guide. First […]

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Liuzhou HFMD Death

Liuzhou has suffered its first contagious hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) fatality. According totheofficialXinhuaNewsAgency, ” In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southwest China, a boy aged one and a half years old from the rural area of Liuzhou City died on Tuesday, the local health administration announced. The child began to cough and caught a fever on Saturday. […]

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