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Taxi Tantrum

Tweet The locals are amusing themselves again. It doesn't take much to attract a crowd round here. People stop and gawp at anything slightly unusual. This one got a bit out of hand, though. Some chap arrived at the bus station from out of town and decided to get a taxi to his final destination. […]

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Fanta-stic Names

Tweet Chinese people’s names are endlessly interesting. Most consist of two or three syllables (although there are a few exceptions). The first syllable is the family name. Most people take their father’s family name although it is possible to take the mother’s name or to join the two parents names to make a new two […]

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Tweet A strange little story from Liuzhou. This girl, who is disabled as a result of childhood polio, was on her way by motorcycle to visit Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital for a checkup. Somehow she got herself tangled up in her motorcycle and had to be cut free.

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A Travel Tale

Tweet Here is a touching little story from the depths of what is universally known as “the Spring Festival snow disaster” as reported in China Daily. Tracking a little girl’s journey of tears and joy Updated: 2008-2-28 9:25:40 Huang Beibei, a 7-year-old child, returned to her home in Zhengzhou, Henan province, by rail from Changsha, […]

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Street Murderers

Tweet I may have mentioned these horrible machines before. According to today’s newspaper, the local authorities say there are 150,000 of the “street murderers*” in Liuzhou and the number is increasing. City commissar of the Liuzhou Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chen Sen has complained about the resulting traffic disorder and that many riders […]

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Cabbage Tolls

Tweet It is impossible to travel by road in China without running into one of these every few miles. At the edge of every town drivers are charged to use the road to the next town. Often there are toll booths in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason. So, a journey can work […]

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Seeing the Light

Tweet Last night was the Lantern Festival which is held on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar and which marks the end of the Spring Festival. The festival consists of looking at lanterns. I took myself off out in the evening. The city was more than usually busy, firecrackers were […]

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Random Photograph No. 8

Tweet Random Photograph No. 8 Eighth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse me. A brave volunteer offers to clean my kitchen!

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¥0.8888888888888 per movie

Tweet One thing which keeps me relatively sane, here is the easy access to western movies. They are available for next to nothing long before they hit the screens back home. Of course, the movie industry wails and moans about this rampant piracy. However two things need to be borne in mind. a) If the […]

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Fire, Snow and Smokes

Tweet One of Liuzhou Prefecture’s main crops is sugar cane. In fact we are in the centre of one of the world’s largest sugar cane producing areas. You can buy sticks of it everywhere – a poor man’s candy. Can’t stand the stuff myself. Most of it is used commercially though to make sugar products. […]

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