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Seems Like a Freeze Out

You couldn’t make it up. Here I am sitting, shivering my pieces off in the coldest winter in living memory. All around me people are trapped in frozen railway stations or worse. People have died. The whole of China is frozen. Except the one place I want it to be. My freezer has packed in […]

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Ignore Foreign Languages

They love their red banners round here. As I've mentioned before, everywhere you go you can see long thin red banners full of propaganda and other nonsense. No one notices them any more. If they ever did. But this one caught my eye. It was on display in a local higher education college and reads […]

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Travel Disaster

I’m sorry to go on about this, but it is cold. I’m told that this is Guangxi’s coldest winter since 1951. I wasn’t around then. I didn’t exist. So I have to believe them. This really only applies to the rural areas. Today’s newspaper says that the urban area is experiencing the worst for 5 […]

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Random Photograph No. 7 Seventh in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse me. This picture was taken in Liuzhou Railway station at 10 pm last night (Saturday 26th January). The severe weather conditions mean that many trains are being delayed by anything up to 10 hours. So the crowds wait. And wait. And […]

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Laowai Deported

Liuzhou has won the race to be the first city in China to deport a foreigner this year. “Salifu” from Cameroon had overstayed his visa, was fined and given 10 days to leave the country. He was also put on China’s list of undesirable aliens, which technically means he can never be issued a visa […]

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It could get quiet round this blog for the next week or three. There are various reasons for this. 1) It's freezing. We are having what is being reported as the coldest winter for 15 years, or 50 years depending on which paper you read. Whatever, it is cold. It seems impossible to buy a […]

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Toothbrush Kettle

I had to share this. I was looking through the website of a kitchen equipment company earlier today. I'm thinking of buying an oven. I chanced on this bizarre contraption, whatever it is. A electric tootbrush and kettle in one piece? I want one!   (P.S. I do know what it is. Sensible comments will […]

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Media attack environment?

Liuzhou Government's website has a section in English. Or Chinglish. I seldom look at it as it is full of propaganda and has little really useful information. But I was amused today to read some drivel about an interview with Mr. Jiang Jixiong, Liuzhou’s Communist Party secretary. According to the article, “He answered questions about […]

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The Ghost of Electricity 2

The BBC reports that China is suffering from power shortages. Have they just woken up? This has been going on for years – and gets worse every year. Apart from the reasons in the BBC report (weather, dry weather etc), the shortages are also the result of increased affluence among city dwellers. People can now […]

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Brass Monkeys part 2

It's cold. Very, very cold. There was snow in Sanjiang (part of Liuzhou prefecture). Here is how the locals keep warm.     I'm not sure how much I can post here in this weather. My fingers freeze up before I can finish a sentence. But I did buy a hand warmer. Like almost everything in […]

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