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Don’t Buckle Under

I’m intrigued by a new set of signs which have appeared on my route home. They are very sensibly advising people not to drink and drive and to use the seat belts provided. And not a drop of Chinglish to be seen. What gets me are the accompanying pictures. They seem to suggest that […]

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Plunging into Christmas

Well, I survived the great blog and bog blocks. Christmas morning arrived in its usual glory. The lane alarm ladies woke everyone up at 6 am by yelling to each other from opposite ends of the lane. They pretend that they are employed to sweep the lane, but really they are charged with making sure […]

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Merry Crimble

On Friday evening, “Liuzhou People's Friendship Association with Foreign Countries” held their annual Christmas party. The association is organised by the local government's foreign affairs division, but their official atheism prevents them from openly endorsing pagan celebrations, so they use this cover organisation. Here is how it was reported on Liuzhou News. Your correspondent was […]

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Silent Night. Not Quite

Christmas Eve was eventful. First there was all the problem of whether or not this blog had fallen prey to China’s Net Nanny, a situation still not totally resolved. It was not to be the only thing blocked yesterday! Then I went out for some essential supplies. No, not the beer. That was procured ages […]

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Time Trials

Every evening, Liuzhou Television runs a short piece after the news ‘naming and shaming’ traffic regulation violators. Well, actually, they just read out the plate numbers. Here is the piece from Friday evening. The winner was doing 76 Km/H in a 40 Km/H limit zone.

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Mall looks like Mall Shocker!

I’m sorry but I have to return to this. I have finally seen an ‘artist’s’ impression of the new underground shopping mall which they are building in a flood zone at a cost of 200million RMB and for which they have ripped up the traffic routing plans, causing chaos for around 18 months. Beautiful, isn’t […]

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Swiss Rice

A few weeks ago, I received a very polite email from someone in Switzerland who had stumbled across this entry on my blog. She asked for permission to use my picture of a rice field in some of her publicity material. Instead of charging my usual astronomical fee (one beer), I said OK, but please […]

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The Hole Art of Photography

At the weekend, my neighbour decided to install a new front door. This involved drilling into masonry and generally banging, shrieking and whining all day. So I went out. Among the many pleasurable activities to be found on a sunny Sunday was a visit to Liuzhou Museum to take in a special exhibition of photographs […]

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Western food woes

Liuzhou has an unfortunate history as far as western food is concerned. Western food restaurants come and go faster than steroid fuelled Olympic athletes. We have had all sorts. Seven or eight years ago there was an excellent French restaurant on San Zhong Road. I even proposed to my wife there! She accepted and […]

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Random Photograph No. 6

Random Photograph No. 6 Sixthin a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse me. Local students pose with college leaders after being recruited to the PLA.(I don't think they wear the flowers in combat!)

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