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Going Underground

They have finally, totally taken leave of their senses. In April or May of 2003, under the cloak of SARS, when the entire population were hiding away at home for fear of passing sneezing strangers, the local mayor sent in the troops to destroy Liuzhou Square and most of the city centre. Here is what […]

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Golden Throat go Gaga over Kaka

Back in January, I mentioned a dispute between Brazilian football player, Ronaldo and Liuzhou’s Guangxi Golden Throat Group. It seemed that Ronaldo objected to his image been used to promote the company’s throat lozenges. He claimed that no contract existed. They claimed one did. I have no idea what happened next in legal terms, but […]

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Boring Rubbish

In a rare example of honesty, Liuzhou Government has confessed to being boring. In an extremely tedious article on their website about tidying up part of the city, closing a night market and moving a “rubbish hill” they proudly state that: Despite being boring, statistics can show that: For dirty spots: for a year, over […]

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