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Clean Those Greens

NaTouYuanWhat you see on the right is the sign above one of my favourite local restaurants. It is a kind of Sichuan type place. I.e. They do Sichuan food, and the chef and his wife who runs the ‘front of house’ are actually from Sichuan. The restaurant appears clean, cheap, friendly and the food is delicious.

Here is the menu in both Chinese and English.

I tend to eat here about two or three times a week – I remember mentioning grandmother’s bones a few weeks ago.

Recently, I met up with an old friend and, as you do, we ended up going for a bite to eat. Well, the bite to eat was really an excuse for the two of us to drink more than the recommended daily intake of alcohol of an entire troop of PLA soldiers.

Of course, the trouble with the beer intake is the beer outflow. It has to be dealt with. Fortunately, the restaurant has a beer recycling facility at the rear, beside the kitchen. I squeeze past the boss, two waitresses and two cooks who are sweating over two massive woks and try to enter the palatial lavatorial set up. It is, of course, of the squat variety. But, being male and only recycling liquids, that is not an issue.

To my surprise, I find the entrance blocked by another young girl who is busily cleaning vegetables. But she kindly apologises and steps back to allow me full access to the hole in the floor.

I try to ignore the vegetables balanced precariously beside me as I take advantage of the amenities and remind myself never to order stir-fried green stuff ever again.

Toilet Vegetables

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