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Kicking Around

FootballI wish to declare a non-interest. This entry is about football (real football – not that American travesty of the term. Ok. Soccer, if you insist.)

I am 247% uninterested in the sport. In fact, I am 247% uninterested in any sport. It strikes me as a rather unsatisfactory substitute for sex. Or war.

However, the locals are sports mad! They are treating this as a sub-branch of the Olympics, whereas we know it is as internationally significant as the contents of my sock drawer. Of no interest to anyone. Google returns an overwhelming two results, one of which is as a result of a misprint.

So, I was singularly unimpressed when I heard that Liuzhou was to proudly host Group F of the “Asian Football Confederation Under 19 Qualifiers”, whatever that means. Why do they have to talk in secret code? Qualify for what?

Anyway, it appears that Korea, China, Malaysia, Macau and Singapore are going to all play each other and as a result one will eventually qualify.

The locals have been busily recruiting volunteer English interpreters for all these foreigners. Er? Apart from Korea, Chinese is the dominant language in all participants’ areas. And I'm not sure about how many Anglophiles in Under 19 Korean Football Oh well!

Last night was the first match. The locals are delighted. The Chinese team beat the Singapore team 7-1.

Not one report I have read gives the score for the other game last night – Malaysia v Macao. Maybe they have forgotten that Macao has been handed back. Or because Macao lost. Malaysia 4 – Macao 0

This nonsense is scheduled to go on until the 14th. More here.

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