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Airport Antics

It is astonishing what people get up to in the privacy of their own homes. Well, at least I’ve heard it is. Now, I come across a Canadian living in Shanghai who, for reasons of his own, has decided to build a scale model of Liuzhou Airport. It seems that there are people who collect […]

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Clean Those Greens

What you see on the right is the sign above one of my favourite local restaurants. It is a kind of Sichuan type place. I.e. They do Sichuan food, and the chef and his wife who runs the ‘front of house’ are actually from Sichuan. The restaurant appears clean, cheap, friendly and the food is delicious. Here […]

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China Mobile De-Laurelled

China Mobile, twice awarded Liuzhou Laurels for their excellent service, have now had them ignominiously withdrawn and their miserable company demoted to only slightly better than the Railway Station, which is hell on earth. So, you ask, what have they done to deserve this fall from grace? First, they decided that when you call me, […]

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Theme Time Liuzhou

We're in trouble now! Liuzhou City authorities have decided that what we really need is a theme park. So much so that they invited this chap from Disney to visit the city and they signed some sort of agreement during the China-Asean Expo in Nanning on October 29th. Don’t they realise that the place is […]

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Girl in the dark

Part 1 A rather grim story hit the headlines yesterday, here in Liuzhou. In 1996, a young girl of approximately 10 years old was seen wandering around after a flood. A old local woman ‘adopted’ her and everyone forgot her. Unfortunately, the woman is a schizophrenic who survives by gathering and selling trash. Neighbours avoided […]

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“It must be a holiday, there’s nobody around”

“It must be a holiday, there's nobody around,” sings Dylan in “Highlands”. He clearly wasn't thinking about China. Here, holidays mean everyone is around. The whole place is chaos. It is best to hide away at home. But it looks like we are having a reshuffle of official holidays. For the last 9 years we […]

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Wheelbarrow Etiquette

Spotted this on the way home one afternoon last week. What do you do when you are carting around some household junk and, while crossing the road, spot a friendly looking card game going on in the shade of a tree?   Well, round these parts, you abandon your barrow right there in the middle […]

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“I like to do just like the rest, I like my sugar sweet”

I must be entering my second childhood (well, fourth or fifth actually). I am one of those strange people who seldom eat chocolate, sweets, candy etc. I don’t dislike it. I just never feel the urge and never miss such things. Now, tell me that I can never eat mushrooms again and it is a […]

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Kicking Around

I wish to declare a non-interest. This entry is about football (real football – not that American travesty of the term. Ok. Soccer, if you insist.) I am 247% uninterested in the sport. In fact, I am 247% uninterested in any sport. It strikes me as a rather unsatisfactory substitute for sex. Or war. However, […]

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Random Photograph No 5

Random Photograph No. 5 Fifth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse me.

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