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Well Travelled Water

Gleneagles WaterOne thing I forgot to mention that in my recollections of my recent travel was the astonishing liquid accompaniment to what the British Airways staff jokingly referred to as “a meal”. Shortly after leaving Hong Kong for London, along with the unrecognisable food substitutes, we were served with a bottle of mineral water.

None of your rubbish Chinese water. Oh no! We were treated to much superior patriotic water all the way from Scotland! Gleneagles Water, no less.

Of course, this is prize winning water. (How can water win prizes? It’s H²0 isn’t it?)

What gets me is that, just as everyone is becoming aware of the problem of air miles, BA is actually shipping bottled water half way across the world to bring it back again! I know Hong Kong is a bit short of the wet stuff, but the mainland is awash with bottled water.

What is more ridiculous is that I carried it all the way from HK to England and then back to China again. So, this bottle has been round the planet at least one and a half times.

I think the breakfast had travelled around the world about twenty times. They need to review the security implications of the breakfast. The scrambled egg could be used as a very efficient weapon and anyone mugged by being coshed with the sausage would be unconscious for days.

On the other hand, any would be terrorist who ate the breakfast would be too bloated to function, so maybe it is a secret weapon.

I was amused by the elderly Chinese woman beside me who had never flown before and who bravely chose the English breakfast rather than the offered dim sum (probably a good idea!). She poked at it, sniffed at it, broke her plastic knife trying to cut the sausage then gave up, dived into her hand luggage and pulled out some cake.

Which she washed down with the most well travelled water in the world!

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