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“Down these streets the fools rule”

I’m delighted to read on the local government website that the street I live on is now a “sample street with higher standards”. Funny, I thought that it was all a sham. They tarted up the front of the crumbling buildings lining parts of the street, stuck up a few new street signs, installed hideous […]

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“…the fog’s so thick you can’t spy the land”

Since returning from my brief visit to London, I’ve been besieged by knowledgeable Chinese citizens who have never travelled further than the end of the lane (and that was only because they got lost) confidently telling me that “London is a foggy city.” For the record: NO IT ISN”T! I lived in London for twenty […]

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Zone Alarm – Updated

I am horrified to discover that, in my short absence from Liuzhou, standards have slipped. So far have they fallen that I may have to take emergency action! Not only has my unremitting campaign against electric motor scooters been somewhat stalled; it has suffered a huge setback. Instead of banning the murderously dangerous agents of […]

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Well Travelled Water

One thing I forgot to mention that in my recollections of my recent travel was the astonishing liquid accompaniment to what the British Airways staff jokingly referred to as “a meal”. Shortly after leaving Hong Kong for London, along with the unrecognisable food substitutes, we were served with a bottle of mineral water. None of your rubbish Chinese […]

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Take me on a trip 2

Around 23,000 km in less than two weeks. By car, bus, train, boat and plane. I’m exhausted but back in sunny Liuzhou safely. I left on the Friday evening for the overnight bus to Shenzhen on the border with Hong Kong, nipped across, scuttled down to Kowloon and jumped on the Star Ferry to the […]

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Holy Tradition

I'm glad to note that the good people of Liuzhou are keeping up their traditions in my brief absence from the city. Here I am, in freezing Scotland, but my heart is warmed to read that some mere child has defended the ancient Liuzhou practice of falling down holes. He was safely rescued – as […]

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Laowai in UK, Liuzhou in News

Isn’t it typical. I get to the UK and almost the first story I read in the news is about Liuzhou! An article from the BBC examining the Communist Party’s relationship with big business cites Liuzhou’s Wuling GM plant as an example of questionable nature of such alliances. See here.

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every hair is numbered like every grain of sand

A last minute post before travelling to the UK for a couple of weeks. In order not to scare the natives back home, I decided to have a haircut before leaving. Apart from anything else, it’s much cheaper here. Right outside my window are two hairdressers’ shops who only charge me ¥3 (20 pence UK […]

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Expensive ducks’ feet

I spotted this in the local news today. A Liuzhou barman, a Mr Huang, was sacked for theft after eating four ducks’ feet belonging to the bar. Not only was he fired, but his last month’s salary of ¥430 (£28 / 57 US$) was withheld. Expensive ducks’ feet? It gets worse. Mr Huang felt that […]

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Random Photograph No. 4

Random Photograph No. 4 Fourth in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse me.

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