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Two Birthdays

Well, a wild time ensued last night. I went to a birthday party. Confucius was celebrating his 2558th. Known in China as Kong Zi, (Master Kong), his real name was Kong Qiu. Unfortunately he didn't turn up last night, so I had to drink his share of the celebratory wet stuff. The locals have been marking the occasion, too. This has consisted of school kids […]

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“They’re planting stories in the press”

I’m delighted to discover that Liuzhou is spending its money wisely. I live just off one of the major thoroughfares of the city and, over the last few months, the locals have been digging up the road and then remaking it. This, of course, provided many opportunities for falling down holes. (One odd aspect of […]

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White Stripes

In the centre of Liuzhou, there is a crossroads junction which I tend to have to cross several times a week. It is one of the busiest in the city. It is also one of the few with no traffic lights. And it never has the traffic police or road crossing attendants you find at […]

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Ni Hao Ma?

As I’m sure I must have mentioned before, when I’m not trying to unravel the ever tightening knots which make up understanding China, I like to relax with a listen or two to my hero, Mr Bob Dylan. Now I’m not going to try to convert the philistines – and the wise need no conversion, […]

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Large Scale Bowel Relief

  Absolutely no connection with Liuzhou, but I would be failing in my duty, if I didn’t bring this to your attention.   Chongqing is not only China’s largest and fastest growing city, but it now boasts the biggest toilet! And what a toilet it is! Lurid and kitsch. And check out those washhand basins. […]

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Hole in one!

As regular readers know, the good people of Liuzhou do not lack ingenuity. Not only do they fall down holes with surprising regularity, but they have now invented a variation. Driving through holes. To play this game properly, you must drive through a hole which did not previously exist, in effect creating the hole as […]

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God’s Communist Coffee

Product naming and packing design is a complicated art. Not only do you have to come up with something attractive, but also make yourself appealing to a wide disparity of opinions. So, I am thoroughly impressed by this Korean product which I came across in a Liuzhou shop last night. Sheer genius! Marxism Coffee. If you’re going to sell […]

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Watch the birdie!

It happens quite often. Yesterday’s local newspaper reports that some man was arrested at Liuzhou railway station after being caught transporting 1,650 sparrows, 420 turtledoves and 80 grouse. These were being transported from Wuhan and were intended for the restaurant trade in Guangdong province. Apart from his not having the appropriate permissions, the grouse (“mountain […]

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Eccentric? I’m honoured

Once again, I am honoured to be given a “Danwei Model Worker Award” by the prestigious Chinese media and advertising website, Danwei. For this little blog to be included among such heavyweights is indeed a great honour. But what do they mean, eccentric?

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