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Fire Away!


Fire ServiceI’ve solved the mystery of the huge increase in the number of fires being reported in Liuzhou. It seems that there are not more fires, but more reporting. I get most of my local news through Chinese search engine, Baidu’s news service. The Chinese Fire Service has opened a website featuring fires all over China and Baidu is picking these up.

This may seem to contradict the stated Chinese policy of reporting only positive news. However, this gives the Fire Service an opportunity to show how wonderful and helpful they are. Just as the police have big posters all over the country showing the wonderful corruption service they provide, the Fire Service get to brag too.

The site does also feature advice on fire prevention etc. There is even a selection of videos of fires.

By coincidence, today, my local newspaper has this spectacular photo of the China Airlines (Taiwan) which burst into flames at Naha airport, on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Reporting disasters outside China is allowed. Reporting disasters in Japan is to be encouraged!

Plane Fire Japan 

 More here.

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