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I see my light come shining

Earlier this week, China’s President, Hu Jintao appeared at a meeting in Beijing in an open necked shirt – jacket and tie-less.┬áThen we were treated to pictures of the communist party conferring in open neck shirts. This is their attempt to defeat global warming! The idea is that by dressing more casually than normal, they […]

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Maternal Grandmother’s Fluttering Fragrant Bones

Sometimes, I get hungry. For many years, I would wander into restaurants and point at random Chinese characters on the menu and wait to see what turned up. Usually it was edible, sometimes delicious. Some things, I still don't know what they were (and don't want to.) As time went on, I began to recognise […]

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Myspace going round in circles

As most people probably know, it is possible for websites to detect which country a visitor is in. Clever stuff. What really annoys me though, are websites which detect which country you are in and then redirect you to a site in the appropriate language. MSN, for example, loves to do this. MySpace has come […]

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