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Random thoughts on life in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

Been shooting craps and gambling, momma, and I done got broke

It seems that Liuzhou people don’t only like to fall down wells and other holes, jump off bridges etc., but have also taken up falling off cliffs.

Yesterday it was reported that this middle-aged woman had fallen 5 metres down a cliff side and had broken her leg and suffered other injuries. Fortunately, she was spotted by local police who called in the Fire Department rescue squad, who whipped her off to hospital where she is no doubt on a drip.

Woman on Cliff



Today, it was reported that one hour before the rescue, local police had raided an illegal gambling den on the hill.  Most were arrested, but some, including a middle-aged woman, had run away!

From the frying pan to the fire. Well, from the wok to the Workers’ Hospital.

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