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If the old don’t go, the new can’t come

There are many who bemoan the fact that much of the world’s industry has moved to China resulting in the loss of whole trades and, of course, jobs. However, the globalization and modernization have had a greater effect on the lives of the Chinese people. The internet throws up an interesting article (in Chinese) highlighting some ancient trades which have all but died out in China.

Among these are:

Paper Making

Mulberry Bark Hand Made Paper Production

Hani Bark Clothing

Hani Minority Bark Clothing Manufacture

Fountain Pen Repair

Fountain Pen Repair

There is a link to Liuzhou. For many years, Liuzhou was known for it’s timber business. Logs would be floated down river from further north in Guangxi and in neigbouring Guizhou province.

Logs on route to Liuzhou

This came to an end in 1998, when a ban was imposed as the deforestation was causing major flooding problems. Also, a ban on burials (to save land) meant that the coffins for which Liuzhou was famous were no longer produced.

Of course, the loss of jobs and whole trades has lead to many social problems. Literally millions of migrant workers roam the country looking for any kind of work, the unemployment rate is astronomical. The government’s biggest fear is the social unrest brought about through unemployment and the associated poverty alongside blatant corruption by local officials. Many people shrug it off however, quoting an old Chinese saying

old new

which translates as “If the old don’t go, the new can’t come.” Or “I’m all right, Jack.”

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