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Flying Chinamen

According to my local newspaper, the lads in the Liuzhou branch of the People’s Liberation Army are learning some new skills. There seems to be a shortage of aircraft at the moment, so instead, they are learning to fly under their own power. Of course, once you have flown to your destination, you have to […]

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“Would you like to take that shower, now?”

The locals have been amusing themselves again. Some kind driver smashed his car into a water hydrant, setting off this two metre high spout. This, of course, prompted someone to go down a hole! Apparently, this is the third time this particular hydrant has been turned into a free shower.

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The game is the same – it’s just up on a different level

About a year ago, it was claimed that the Chinese invented golf! I had forgotten about this until last night when a young Chinese friend claimed that not only golf, but football (soccer), basketball and disco dancing were all also Chinese inventions. I should point out that this is the same friend who claims that […]

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Appropriate Parking

Liuzhou Parking cops are pretty efficient. Park in the wrong place and your vehicle will be towed away and held to ransom. They even have motorcycle kidnapping divisions. There are, of course, designated parking places but these are not usually near where you want to go, are often full and you have to pay. So – […]

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Motorpsycho Nightmare

What is the difference between these two modes of transport? One of the following is not true. The first is pedal-powered. The second is electric-powered. The first is relatively slow. The second is relatively quick. The first requires no licence or test before using. The second requires that a test be passed and a licence […]

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Random Photograph No. 1

Random Photograph No. 1 . Firstinaseriesofpictures, taken in Liuzhou, whichamuseme. .

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Caution Hole

I was on my way to buy a shiny new computer today when I spotted this. Having pointed out several times that Liuzhou people like falling down holes, I had to show you this.They are now pointing out the better holes to fall down.

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Been shooting craps and gambling, momma, and I done got broke

It seems that Liuzhou people don’t only like to fall down wells and other holes, jump off bridges etc., but have also taken up falling off cliffs. Yesterday it was reported that this middle-aged woman had fallen 5 metres down a cliff side and had broken her leg and suffered other injuries. Fortunately, she was […]

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If the old don’t go, the new can’t come

There are many who bemoan the fact that much of the world’s industry has moved to China resulting in the loss of whole trades and, of course, jobs. However, the globalization and modernization have had a greater effect on the lives of the Chinese people. The internet throws up an interesting article (in Chinese) highlighting […]

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Cheese and Votes

There has been a bit of a celebration going on. Yesterday, our favourite western food shop, Nanning’s “The Pantry” opened a shop in Liuzhou! Fortunately, I was tipped off and hot footed it round there first thing in the morning. Friendly people! I managed to be their first customer! I wandered round looking and marvelling at strange […]

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