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General Madness

A couple of Liuzhou related stories have been turning up in all the news feeds over the last few days.

a) General Motors seems to have issued a press release which lazy journalists have issued as a story. Of course,they haven't actually checked any facts or questioned any claims. Once again GM are praising themselves for their success in producing and selling the Wuling van. They fail to mention that Wuling vans are generally regarded as unfashionable, unreliable, short-lived,dangerous rust-buckets which can't be sold in the USA as they don't meet safety requirements. (They also take full credit, but never, ever mention that they are a minority share holder in the company.)

b) Meantime, some pillock who also works for GM is bemoaning a short interruption to the Blackberry e-mail delivery service. It seems he was on a "media trip" to Liuzhou at the time.

The BlackBerry service is "the only way I have to communicate," said Preuss, who was in Liuzhou, China. "When I lose it, it's paralyzing."

I have some advice for Mr Preuss. Get a life!

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