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Happy Birthday Water Truck Evidence

It was back in December 2004 that I mentioned the Happy Birthday Water Truck. I’m sure that 90% of people who read that tale were convinced that I was imagining things. So, after years of painstaking investigation, I am happy to provide conclusive evidence. I was walking home today when I heard the sadly familiar […]

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Zhuang Dance

Back in 2004, I noticed an advertisement (right) for a traditional dance show of the local Zhuang minority people. It was to be performed by a Nanning based troupe. So, off I trotted to the local theatre to buy some nice tickets. Unfortunately, I was too early – the booking office hadn't received them yet. […]

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They’re at it again!

They're at it again! One of the few redeeming features of my banking arrangements was thatI seldom had to actually enter the Agricultural Bank where I store my loot. They had a (usually) very efficient and simple to use ATM system. So they changed it. About two weeks ago, they reprogrammed the customer interface. Judging […]

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“Cops a-comin’, me a-runnin’.”

Earlier today,I did what I do most daysand walked past this place. It is Liuzhou's city government (and communist party) headquarters. However, it didn't looklike this. I first noticed a large crowd on the opposite side of the road. Then I spotted the cops. Hundreds of them. Some were making sure that the passing traffic […]

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The ones that got away

When I was a child, I'd occasionally go fishing in a local pond or river. I never caught anything bigger than mylittle finger, so I wouldn't describe myself as an expert angler. I do, however, know that these kids are doing it wrong. They appear to be putting fish into the river! It seems that […]

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General Madness

A couple of Liuzhou related stories have been turning up in all the news feeds over the last few days. a) General Motors seems to have issued a press release which lazy journalists have issued as a story. Of course,they haven't actually checked any facts or questioned any claims. Once again GM are praising themselves for […]

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Thunder Crashing

We had a bit of a thunderstorm  storm yesterday. It was a hot sunny morning, but around 2:20pm the sky suddenly darkened and within minutes there was a wild howling wind, the trees outside my window were almost bent double (and they are big trees). Indeed many trees around the city were uprooted. Then came the […]

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Behind the scenes here at blog-city, there is a lot of information available to a humble blogger like me. For example,I can see where visitors are logging in from. Below is a top twenty of recent visitors. I understand that the USA is top. I”m not surprised that China is next – it is a […]

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

Liuzhou is a city built upon a river. You are never far from the river. Having a river means we need bridges to cross it and so, there are a lot of bridges. Add on the occasional flyover or overpass and we could change the name to bridge city. One of the more interesting pastimes the […]

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Fake Destruction

On Saturday, various cities across China held public displays of “destroying illegal publications and pornography” and “destroying illegal audio and video products”. Liuzhou's contribution was to destroy 250,000 books and over 60,000 CDs and DVDs. They do this from time to time. Of course, the CD and DVD shops continue just as normal as do […]

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