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Ronaldo’s Sore Throat

One of Liuzhou’s most famous products, known nationally, is the throat lozenges made by the Guangxi Golden Throat Group. These lozenges are sold all over China and also abroad. Their website proudly claims that the lozenges are sold in America. That could, of course, mean that they are available in one tiny story in some obscure Chinatown. Or not. I don’t know.

They are pretty good. I have a packet in front of me!

Since 2003, the lozenges have beeen heavily advertised using images of Brazilian football player, Ronaldo. Adverts appear all over Liuzhou, but also in other cities throughout China. There has also been considerable television advertising, both locally and nationally.


So, it came as something of a surprise today to learn that Mr Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima intends suing Golden Throat for using his image without permission. His lawyers claim that no contract exists authorising his endorsement. The Golden Throat company have not responded other than to see that they have done nothing wrong.

Well, clearly I don’t know, but it seems to me that Ronaldo’s suit may be difficult to win – not so much because of the lengthy delay in beginning proceedings, but more because of the way China’s judiciary works.


gtThe Golden Throat factory in central Liuzhou is protected by three statues of ancient medics, but more useful in a country where the judiciary is not independent and court decisions are handed to the person with the most “guanxi” or “connections” is the fact that the company President,  Ms Jiang Peizhen is also a member of the Political Consultative Conference of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, theoretically the region’s highest political body, and also a delegate of the Conference of Representatives of Chinese Communists in Liuzhou City. She has won numerous awards and is seen as a symbol of how the ever-loving Party treats women equally. In other words, she has powerful friends. Judges follow what the Party tells them to do.

Some confidence or defiance is shown on their website, where despite the story breaking, Ronaldo  is still  on display, still urging you to protect your throat with  Golden Throat  Lozenges.

Should Renaldo win, they may have to change to making headache pills rather than throat lozenges!

There are more details here.

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