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Capital Stuff

I recently had cause to go to Nanning, the local capital city. I almost wrote ‘the Provincial Capital’, but Guangxi is not technically a province, but an Autonomous Region. Semantics. Anyway, to get from Liuzhou to Nanning, you have a number of choices. You could walk or cycle, but sane people tend not to. You […]

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Brazilian Bingeing

It is not like me to turn down a free meal, but for once I did. Let me explain. For the last two or three years, there has been a fashion for what is known locally as “Brazilian Barbecue”. A few restaurants have opened and closed featuring this particular attraction. How authentic it is, I have […]

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Ronaldo’s Sore Throat

One of Liuzhou’s most famous products, known nationally, is the throat lozenges made by the Guangxi Golden Throat Group. These lozenges are sold all over China and also abroad. Their website proudly claims that the lozenges are sold in America. That could, of course, mean that they are available in one tiny story in some […]

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Yeah! Right!

I’ve heard some great excuses in my time, but this story made me laugh out loud. It seems that a bunch of the higher ranking Guangxi government officials have decided to set themselves up a golf team. Now instead of doing the little work they do between banquets, they can spend more time playing golf […]

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The Times They Are A’Changing

Anyone who has been here before and has been paying attention will have noticed that there has been a slight design change to this old blog. I’m not sure that I like the new layout or not, but mucking about with it was more pleasurable than what I should have been doing. Anyway, it may […]

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Sweet and Sour Stamps

To celebrate the upcoming Year of The Pig (starts February 18th), China Post have issued some commemorative stamps. They have two unusual features. First, they are ‘scratch and sniff’. Scratch the front of the stamps and you get the aroma of sweet and sour pork. Then, lick the back. Yes! You can taste the world […]

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Canadian Cuisine?

I have no idea what Canadians eat and care very little, but if I ever found myself there, I would make every effort to sample the local offerings. So, I was distressed to read this story. ‘The producers of new movie THE PAINTED VEIL were so worried about stars EDWARD NORTON and NAOMI WATTS falling […]

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